Food issues & IBS

Sandra, 37, 3-5 stone overweight - 5 months counselling

"I had a problem eating food since a child.  I found it impossible to stay on a healthy diet.  I had IBS diagnosed when I was 22 and then I put on weight and was about 15 stone.  I was lathargic and not feeling very good about myself.  Carolyn helped me go on a detox programme which helped me change my eating habits, and I now chose to eat a raw food diet two days a week and have lost the weight.  But best of all, I feel so much better about myself, and have cut out wheat and sugar which caused so much of my IBS.  I have so much energy now and really enjoy life". 

What is stopping you achieve your goals?

Sudies of obsese people enrolled in a weight-reduction programme found that their rates for mood disorders and current or past psychiatric illnesses- mostly depression and dysthymia were at least five times greater than those found in the general population, (Goldsmith, S.J. 1992).  Women who experience early (before 14) sexual intercourse against their wishes, were significantly more likely to have eating disorders than women who had first sexual experiences later in life, in accordance with their wishes.  Compulsive overeaters report experiencing significantly more life stress than "normal eaters".  Ten times as many women as men are victims of sexual abuse, and the same female-dominated ratio reported in eathing disorders, (Devine, 1980).  One study concluded that adolescent overeaters experience 250 times the amout of life stress experienced by adolescents who don't compulsively overeat. 

Once you have found out your inner processes, in a safe counselling experience, you can use rTMShypnotherapy to change the brain patterns, delete old memories and create healthy eating habits.  This improves your self esteem and makes you feel more successful in many areas of your life, and the one of the many life changes will be the loss of weight.

Your first hypnotherapy appointment  You can text Carolyn Clark, 07713247415 for a call back, and she will discuss what it is that you wish to achieve.  You will be able to understand how therapy could work for you and ask any questions you have, and make an appointment.  If you decide within the first 15 mintes that you do not want to go ahead and that rTMS hypnosis is not for you, you can just leave, with no cost.  The appointment is 2 hours and includes a full assessment and discussion where you collaborate with the therapist, regarding your goals and what way you wish to achieve your targets.  You will then lie down or remain seated for a hypnosis session which will be about 20-25 minutes and include gentle relaxation and guided visualization.  A recording is made of the session and you will be given it as a CD to take home with you, to practice at home.  Each session the format will be similar for hypnosis sessions.  

Six Sessions  Short term programme for creating the changes for most problems:  Includes: six two hour sessions where you will discuss your problem and then a personalized Hypnosis programme will be designed with a recording made of the hypnosis session and the rTMS so you can continue at home with your own personalized CD.   You will also have a workbook, and telephone support .

This works exceptionally well for slimmingfitness, enhanced mood, career confidence  and mental clarity.  

Couple Counselling The first appointment is an assessment appointment and lasts 90 minutes.  You will be seen together and asked to fill in forms and answer questions regarding what you believe to be wrong with the relationship and what you would like to acheive from counselling.  You will be offered time to talk with the therapist on your own.  It is helpful when comeing into therapy to comit to the process so an initial block of six sessions is usually reccomended to treat communication issues, or things that have not been going on for too many months/years.  Issues covered will include intimacy issues, communication syles and family of origin issues, as well as sexuality and cultural issues.  Psychosexual counselling cannot be offered unless the relationship itself is robust, so if there are psychosexual which you would like to help, the same process will happen.  

Monthly appointments of rTMS Integral Counselling will assist you on all areas of your life so you will experience change not only your body, but your thinking, you mood, relationships and other issues you wish to change.  

Each session you will be asked how things have gone over the past weeks, and then the next step is planned to incorporate the changes that are agreed and designed with Carolyn personally.  The sessions can be quite creative and imaginative to have the benefit of hypnotherapy to achieve your goals.  Each hypnosis session, which will last about 20 - 25 minutes, is recorded to CD(free) or MP3 onto a dongle (£10).  This is played at home every day, until your next session.  This way you are sure of success, and the rTMShypnotherapy will work as rTMS does by repetition, and changing the neurochemical structures and emotional-chemical responses in your brain.

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