Auto-Immune Problems


The causes of auto-immune problems are said to be"unknown".

Some doctors have been working to cure auto-immune problems through DETOXing the body.  Slimfix treatment has been developed to create the healthy changes which allows the body to heal.

Use hypnosis to stop your cravings, and clear out old past wounds (this life or the past) and heal your body, mind and soul.  You may need a few sessions of hypnotherapy to contact the healer within.

Cancer linked to fluoridation and low IQ levels in UK.

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This is a link to RiseEarth article on cleaning the body from the 85,000 toxins we have accumulated from our environment

Find out more about the toxic effects of fluride in the water.  It has been shown to lower IQ, and impedes healthy brain function.

Purification is done by sweat, fast (one or two days a week) purge (cleaning the system eg drinking sea-salted water then eliminating it), using the 6 Shat Kriyas or Shat Karmas from Hatha Yoga which assist the cleaning mechanisms of the body like nasal irrigation and Jala Neti.  You need to drink purified water, and drink more.  Bathe in hot then cold water, or bathing in ocean water.  You can go from hot temperature water (eg hot springs) to cold water which helps draw out toxins from the body.  It also improves immune function.  Epson salts can also help if you do not have hot springs or the Dead sea near you.  Try also bowel cleansing and liver cleansing rituals, such as drinking two litres of boiled water with lemon juice in the morning. Eat detoxifying foods such as green tea, take coffee enemas and cilantro as well as turmeric.  Sop fruit, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and ginger.  Shaolin clay assists in drawing impurities from the body and helps in drawing out heavy metals.  You can also increase your vitamin C intake and take milk thistle or dandelion root for the liver.  Aboringinal Kanwa minerals are etracted from bubbling pools deep in the desert of Australia and are helpful for detoxing the body.  

You can find more at the above article by Christina Sarich at yoga for the new world

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